Friday, August 27, 2010

Welcome to my official Mitch Branson blog. I will be posting information and updates on all of my adventures in the adult and music industry. This will be the site where I will post professional and amateur erotic photos of myself. Here's one I took on August 25, 2010. To see more of me, click on the COLT banner at the top right of this blog. To explore my music brand, click play to the right. Thanks for your support. Mitch


  1. i'm looking forward to that. i mean you.

  2. Wait, Kristian Alvarez is 9" long but how thick around is he? Regardless, I know it was still the ride of your life. 8-)
    So ever consider doing some rough riding a la Rocco Siffreddi?

  3. Dear Mitch....this is long...sorry for that...but then again, I wanted to say some genuine, nice things.

    As a guy who isn't too far removed [himself] from you in physical appeal, I suspect I know what some of your own existence must be like. YOUR male beauty and easy, sweet and very giving sensuality took MY breath away.

    I am not a newcomer to the COLT brand of photography/magazines/VHS videos of the past, but I finally caved-in to the Internet and it's "charms" for gay adult men: so I am actually a brand new 'comer' to the COLT Web-based streaming video site (literally bought my first-ever subscription less than 48 hours ago). And I found you in there (first time I seen/heard of you). I now see it was a good investment. LOL. I've watched 3 of your films on COLT's site so far (one of them - my fav so far - the middle of a tremendous rainstorm late last night in SE Florida, while I'm here on a film pre-production it was all extra cool. I will soon be back to the site, for sure: relaxing and the virtual-world sense, last night I "spent the night" with you....digitally speaking - and it was, well...awesome. Thank you for that.

    BTW, we apparently have in 2 things in common, too (one in a different way than the other, though): First: I am fairly successful, professional musician/singer-songwriter myself. So, I will look into your music - and if I like it - I will certainly support you in that area of talent of yours; will buy copies of what you have released. Can't wait to hear it...

    Also - I'm an indie filmmaker (and beyond): always behind the camera - never in front ...I don't produce gay male/adult entertainment films or anything like that. I create arty, thought-provoking films; shorts; music videos, and documentaries (I also paint, draw - and lately digitally create very erotic, semi-realistic male nudes. You so impressed me - now you are going to be the subject of my next erotic male digital creation. I'm going to enjoy creating it, I'll bet.

    So that's ENOUGH for me to write for now (a novel, huh?). In closing: I are as beautiful you are outside.

    Be well....see you here (a lot to explore now)...and in my dreams ;-)

    (who gets to the West Coast once and a while himself...!)

  4. BAAAAAAAAAAM ♥ You've got a GREAT ASSSSSSSSS would love to drill your whole with my penis I'm soo HARD

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