Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Here's the scene from COLT Studio's production, Muscle Heads, which started an outrage over my hairy chest being shaved. COLT and I were receiving so many emails from fans, stating, how sickened they were by the fact that my beautiful chest hair was gone. But it was well worth it, because look who was shaving me, Vince Ferelli. Man did I have a fantastic time working with him.  

Mitch takes it all off, literally, as he enjoys a sensuous full body shave administered by muscle stud Vince. With loving attention to detail, Vince takes the razor's edge to every inch of Mitch’s thick furry chest. Mitch submits to the arousing experience as Vince zeroes in on all the hard curves of rippling muscles. Face to face and brushing their rock-hard cocks against each other in a sword fight duel, this shave has them both turned on and wanting more. Turning his attention to that furry butt has Vince in the driver’s seat. Mitch’s hot ass gets so worked up by all that attention that he eagerly entices Vince to bury his raging hard cock in that mound of miles of muscled ass crack. Mitch’s newly smooth ass takes it hard before the switch is on and now it’s Vince’s turn to get a little ass pounding action. Back and forth these guys take each other to the edge and over. Fist-pumping loads soak the sheets as Mitch finds cum to make a very pleasurable aftershave lotion.

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