Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Should I Fall In Love Again

Great news everyone,

My new Should I Fall In Love Again - EP, is now available for digital purchase on Apple iTunes USA, Australia/NZ, Canada, UK/European Union, Japan and Mexico. Plus Amazon MP3, Spotify, MySpace Music, MediaNet, eMusic, Zune, Nokia, Shockhound, Napster, Thumbplay and IMVU.

Should I Fall In Love Again, is a four track EP, and features vocalist Kestral.

I wrote, composed, produced, engineered the song, and hired a professional female vocalist, Kestral and pianist, Morten Kjaer. I also had the opportunity to work with DJ Pornstar, who is a well known DJ in the gay community. This EP has been quite a project, and it's my first commercial friendly production.

Click on the links below to hear samples and purchase.

Should I Fall In Love Again (Available on iTunes)

Should I Fall In Love Again (Available on Amazon MP3)

Thanks for your support,

Mitch Branson

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