Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Current Fitness Results

Besides training with weights, diet is key to one's fitness success. 80% is the diet. 20% is weights. Here's a sample of my daily intake.

1]  “The first meal of the day”

Oatmeal – Serving size ½ cup 5 grams of protein, 27 carbs, 150 calories

1 scoop of protein powder (27 grams of protein, 1 carb, 115 calories  My protein recommendation  

After cooking the oatmeal, mix in the protein power and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon. Add water to the oatmeal while mixing if needed. Health benefits of cinnamon
Total Protein 32 grams, Carbs 28 and 265 calories.

“The first meal of the day replacement for 2014”

1 bowl of granola cereal and 1 16 oz carton of egg whites. 50 grams of protein. You add a little organic ketchup and pepper onto the eggs.

2]  “After workout protein shake”

2 scoops of All Max Isoflex, 54 grams of protein, 230 calories. Add Almond, coconut or regular milk to help absorb into the body.

3]  “Evening Meal”

4 oz Chicken Breast  (26 grams of protein} and dark green salad with Cold Press olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries.  

4] “Late Evening Meal” 1 full 16oz carton of egg whites (50 grams of protein, 0 carbs, 250 calories) You add balsamic Vinegar and pepper to the egg whites. 

Costco has the best deal – Look for this packaging  There are actually under $10   

I’m only getting 162 grams of protein a day. So I’ve decided to replace Meal one with a bowl of granola cereal and 1 full 16 oz carton of egg whites.  Now I’m getting 207 grams of protein a day.  Since I’m not adding a scoop of protein in my oatmeal, I’ll have a small shake 30mins after my evening meal. 


  1. great!
    looking awesome as always!
    the mitch branson signature muscle bubble butt!
    you should totally come back to porn! miss you a lot, coach!
    all the best!
    love from rio!
    rio boy

  2. Thank you Rio boy. I'll let you know when I film a new movie.