Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Coach (Randy Blue)

Here are a few more images from the production, The Coach. Excuse me, but these guys were too hot for me to handle. (As you can see below) I think it's time for the coach to make a return. Anyway, I'm currently selling autographed copies of The Coach DVD, and for those of you that are looking for the perfect holiday gift, why not surprise your friend or loved one with a personalized autographed copy. I'll write what ever you want. Contact me at, if you have any questions or special instructions.
The Coach 1 & 2 also features my very first solo performance. It's a must see. 


  1. We always remember the first time we saw somebody distinctive. For me, that will always be remembering Mitch with Chris Rockway between his legs. Ah, fond memories.

  2. I have both movies and you are very hot there

  3. Yo también quiero un coach como mitch.

  4. Damn! I wish my coach was as fine as you! If u were my coach, I'd never miss a practice.

    I'm sure you hear this a lot, but you're amazingly nice and sexy! Luv u!

    1. Thanks for your hot words. If I was your coach, I would let you have it good. :-)

  5. Mitch Branson your so hot is there anyway you can have hot dirty sex with me