Friday, October 8, 2010

Here's a few images that were taken last fall to help promote COLT Studio's production, Ripped : No Pain, All Gain. The photography is beautiful, and just look at that photoshopped face and layers of make-up. The next time I have a public appearance; my fans will then realize how old and ragged I truly am.
The production was filmed in the garden of the COLT mansion. Here are a couple pics I took during my photo shoot. It was just beautiful. I'm heading back the end of October for my next COLT production.
Here's an image I just had to throw in. This is me without photoshop and make-up. Hope I didn't scare you away. Oops, I forgot to shave.


  1. I still like you in any way you look
    you are hot and gorgeous man

  2. now you can see how I look like :)
    hope you like me, yout russian fan, Mitch?

  3. Gee Mitch, I think you look just great with the stubble (right word?) and the hair just a bit messy. I'm a big fan of your movies, your hairy body and appearance overall turn my hormones just crazy. Now that I found your fan page, I'll be checking this from time to time...
    Greetings from Finland (Tom, but not the famous one lol)