Friday, November 25, 2011

Electric Orgasm

Hello everyone, My album, Darkness of Pleasure is two years old, and finally I’ve released a music video. (Electric Orgasm – feat. Jonathan Luke & Aimee C) Sorry for the delay. LOL! Vocalist Jonathan Luke directed, produced and edited the music video. It features the talent that I hired - vocalist Jonathan Luke, vocalist Aimee C, guitarist Troy Goodrich and of course I make a brief cameo. I had to take some video of myself using my iPhone 4 and then send the files to Jonathan, because the music video was filmed in Houston, Texas where he lives. But moving forward, you'll see more of me in my future music videos. The song, Electric Orgasm was written, composed, produced and engineered by me - Mitch Branson.


  1. Hello Mitch
    Congrats for the new music video, it's creative and amusing to watch.
    Please post more pictures of yourself - mostly undressed
    we want to enjoy your sexy body and cute face!

  2. btw
    do you remember me? on your facebook page I posted some many posts last winter

  3. Yes, I do remember you. Thanks for your comment. Big Hug

  4. About posting more pictures. I'd like to see pictures of you dressed. Especially poloshirts are incredbiluy sexy. who agrees?